• Passengers: 3-4
  • Luggage: 2-4 large suitcases

The Future of Luxury Transportation

Dive into the future of transportation with our exclusive range of Tesla electric vehicles. Combining innovative technology with unrivaled luxury, Tesla cars offer an impeccable and environmentally-friendly travel experience. As you glide silently through the streets, you're not just in a car – you're part of a movement that prioritizes sustainability without compromising on elegance or performance. Choose a Tesla and make a statement: you value sophistication, innovation, and our planet.

Choose from:

Electric Vehicles - Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Electric Vehicles - Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y


  • Futuristic and sleek aerodynamic design
  • Signature LED headlights and taillights
  • Elegant door handles that sit flush with the car body
  • Panoramic all-glass roofs for breathtaking views
  • Eye-catching, unique wheel designs


  • Premium vegan leather seats and trims
  • Minimalist dashboard with a large central touchscreen control
  • Voice-activated controls and commands
  • Customizable driver profiles for personalized settings
  • Enhanced autopilot features for increased safety and convenience
  • Superior soundproofing for a serene driving ambiance
  • Premium sound system integrated with streaming services
  • Advanced climate control system that can be pre-set remotely

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Ideal For:

  •  Environmentally-conscious executives and travelers
  •  City tours with a modern twist
  •  Corporate events emphasizing sustainability and innovation
  •  Airport transfers with a green footprint
  •  Trendy events and gatherings
  •  Anyone wanting to experience the forefront of automotive technology

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